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PEAKS is a technology that has the capacity to help people understand themselves, their innate strengths, their abilities, talents, skills, and the beauty and strengths in others.

PEAKS Human Capital Analytics gives individuals and corporations the knowledge and roadmaps necessary for scaling new heights of sustainable achievement.

Fitwise (5-12 years)

“Brain Fitness and Confidence Training combined with computational results”

cognitive development and confidence coaching for children 5-12 years old.

Combination of EEG brain fitness technology with written materials, hands-on manipulatives, and physical brain development activities.

Incorporating NeeuroFit and PEAKS coaching session.

**Highly recommended as a P1, Psle, and Secondary school preparation camp.

Funhouse Mathematistry (6- 9 years)

A program designed to captivate lower primary learners and reinforce early years mathematical skills. Creative hands-on activities, games and stories will intrigue young minds to discover more about the world of mathematics!

Code Imagination (6- 9 years)

A fusion of drama, foundational coding and robotics to encourage children from ages 5-8 years discover imaginative ways to appreciate and navigate our modern digital lifestyle. A fun hands-on multi sensory approach, empowers children to find meaningful learning experiences and self discovery through a growth mindset and a can- do attitude

Trigonometrica (10-16 years)

Bringing trigonomnetric formulas to life! Enaging hands-on activities help learners see how they are interacting with trignometry in daily life. As learners progress to advance levels, trigonometrica journeys with them, providing clarity of concepts and formulas tackled in national and international exam syllabuses.

d’Perfractions Distiniction (11-12 years)

Fractions, percentage & decimals perfected through fun! Perfractions breaks down the academic pressure to help young learners understand and diffuse worries and confusion over fractions, percentage and decimals.

Art of Me (5-10 years)

As the name suggests, learners will discover themselves through interactive art activities. They will learn about basic character illustration and narratives, while also experiencing mediums like gouache paint, paper craft and jumping clay.

Play Strong- Multi-sport, multi-activity camp (9-12 years)

An Olympic-style Multi-sport/ Multi-activity camp that will appeal to children from 7-12 years old.

Activities include outdoor and indoor games, sports, and fitness, curated alongside a professionally developed suite of confidence coaching workshops and activities.

Play Strong Mini Movers (5-8 years old)

Playstrong -Mini Movers is A ground breaking multi sports camp Integrating literary approaches and sports to help early learners engage in meaningful ways that support their physical, mental and emotional health. Activities include, but are not limited to martial arts, aqua fitness, story telling, music and movement, team bonding games, arts and craft, dance fitness, roller blading and more.

Our PEAKS confidence coaching program is carefully curated into the activities, ensuring your little ones begin their journey in discovering the “1st Rate Me”.

The program will end with a mini sports display for families to celebrate their children’s achievements.


Breakn' Out Academix (7-16 years)

BREAK’N OUT ACADEMIX is an interdisciplinary program that allows participants to not only enjoy the physical benefits of hip hop dance, but to also learn life skills such as teamwork, commitment and more importantly resourcefulness and thinking out of the box. Together with their instructors, participants will use dance to create a dance advertisement- a choreography with a short story line or message to share with their audience. Videography will be provided. School’s out, let fun and learning take centre stage!

Algebra Mathletics(11-12 years)

Students engage in fun-filled experiences about teamwork, problem-solving, mathematics, and the connections between mathematics, algebra and the real world, all in a fun and nurturing atmosphere.
Confidence in upper primary and middle school mathematics sets a strong foundation for student’s academic success.


Championing Algebra (13-15 years)

Apply Algebra, to academic and real-life situations, and learn how championing algebra makes one a problem solver and critical thinker.

Championing Algebra prepares the Secondary level student to understand the relationships of algebraic functions.

Participants will solve complex questions with ease and grace for academic and life success. Make friends and develop essential life skills through our PEAKS confidence coaching program as well as engaging and fun camp games and activities.