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Discover a dynamic writing program designed to empower student writers in mastering the English language. With our comprehensive suite of programs and workshops, you’ll gain the tools and guidance to develop and refine your writing skills. Boost your confidence and unlock your ability to express yourself effectively through the written word. Join Intelly WriteVentures today and embark on an exciting journey of growth and self-expression.



Unleash your child’s imagination and writing skills with our Junior program. Aligned with MOE primary school requirements, our holistic approach combines interactive gaming experiences with writing development. Nurture your child’s love for writing and empower their unique self-expression. Join us today and watch their creativity soar.

  • Problem solving & Critical thinking.
  • In-depth study of art medium & techniques.
  • Portfolio management.
  • Self-awareness & growth mindset.
  • Annual art exhibition.

Program Overview


Jollijam Hobbyist

6-10 years Old
$ 420 / 8 Lessons
  • Problem solving & Critical thinking
  • in depth study of art medium & Techniques
  • Portfolio management
  • Self awareness & growth mindset
  • Annual art exhibition

Date & Timings

Jollijam Watercolor/ Acrylic

  • Wednesday 5:30-7 PM

Jollijam Drawing hobbyist

  • Sunday 3:30 - 5 PM


Parent Testimonials


Jollijam Hobbyist sparked a creative fire in my child that continues to burn brightly. The camp’s talented instructors and diverse art activities made it an unforgettable experience


Sending my child to Jollijam Hobbyist was the best decision. They returned with newfound artistic skills, a sense of accomplishment, and a deeper appreciation for the arts

Lim Xin Yi




Jollijam Hobbyist is a haven for young artists. My child thrived in the supportive environment, where they were encouraged to express themselves freely and explore their creativity


Jollijam Hobbyist not only nurtured my child’s artistic talents but also instilled a love for art that will last a lifetime. The camp’s well-rounded program exceeded our expectations

Mrs Siew


Mother of Fern


The program fee for Jollijam Artventures is $420 for 8 lessons.

Jollijam Artventures is located at 9 King Albert Park, #B1-01, KAP Mall, S598332.

The program at Jollijam Artventures focuses on literacy enhancement, exploration of various art mediums, teamwork and growth mindset, self-awareness, and includes an annual art exhibition.

Yes, the classes at Jollijam Artventures are grouped by age to ensure age-appropriate instruction and activities for each child’s developmental stage.