Funhouse Mathematistry

FunHouse Mathematistry is a two-day program designed to captivate lower primary learners and reinforce early years mathematical skills.


the program

Learning math in ways you never thought possible with math problem-solving obstacle courses, team bonding games, and more

Your child will have the confidence to tackle any challenge, from their social studies lesson to their college major

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Program Outline


  • πŸ“ Recognizing Patterns β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Alternative time-line β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Money Game β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Multiple Skills β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Fraction Fun β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Problem Solving Detectives β€Ž


  • πŸ“ Number game in speed thinking β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Power Calculation β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Weighing right β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Price Value Fun β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Read me Right β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Fractions Carnival β€Ž


  • πŸ“ Caterpillar Division β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Money not Funny ! β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Space and area β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Quick multiplayer β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Paring & Problem Solving β€Ž
  • πŸ“ Fractions with ease β€Ž


FunHouse Mathematistry

7th-9th September
$ 950 per year
  • Age: 7-9 years (P1- P3)
  • IRAS

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